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Morality and law


The  company requires that all employees must abide by the applicable law,  Chinese law, and the law of other countries that have cooperative  business with us. Improve the staff's legal consciousness, and  strengthen the training. To have good faith in the market is the basis  for us to grow our business big and strong. Any violation of the company  policies or regulations, or any absence to the related training would  be subject to disciplinary action. The Chinese nation is a state of  ceremonies, and we are a nation with a long history. We treat people  kindly, and our principle is high morality and long cooperation. People  from all walks of life come to our company, and our company welcome  their arrival. It is a delight to have friends coming from afar. The  compliance measures are as follows: 

1. Formulate an punishment opinion for any violation of laws and specifications,

2. Advocate the moral idea of "five stresses and four points of beauty", as well as good faith cooperation,

3.  Draw up ethical standards of Wanbang- Integrity, fraternity,  patriotism, dedication. Every employee represents Wanbang, and every  employee should conform to the standards.   


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