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Talent introduction

Team academic leaders and quality control experts

Yang Changhou
General Manager and Chairman of the Technology Center  
Mainly responsible for external business development and brand  construction, as well as positive support and guarantee of life and work  for talents in the company. 
Credo: Form a strong corporate culture, and perfect the talent mechanism.


Li Chuanmin
Deputy General Manager of Technology
Mainly responsible for the quality system and the talent team construction
Years of technical design in Shengli oilfield and quality system related working experience  
Credo: Preparedness ensures success and unpreparedness spells  failure. Great importance should be attached to both technical control  and quality assurance!



Through  campus recruitment, the company introduced graduates from Shengli  college of China University Of Petroleum, Dongying Vocational College,  Shandong University of Science and Technology, Heze College, and  Shandong Construction University to supplement the enterprise's  scientific research talents and technical backbone.Since 2005, our  company has introduced more than 60 graduates.

Through  Shandong College Graduates Employment Information Network, Qilu Talent  Network, New Century Talent Network, and Yellow River Delta Information  Network to recruit experienced staffs for various positions. Since 2012,  the company successfully hired 92 staffs.

In  addition, the company actively participates in various talents  attraction projects organized by the government, and face-to-face  exchanges cooperation with industry experts. In October 2016, the  company introduced Zhang Mingchang, the professor-level senior engineer  and the chief expert of Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Research  Institute, who set up a scientific research team, and leads our  technology center team to establish a scientific and sustainable talent  introduction mechanism, which laid a solid foundation for the smooth  progress of the company's projects and the scientific research project  of the new project. The research mechanism of our company is energetic  and the talent introduction and cultivation policy is perfect.

The  company plans to establish a practice base with Dongying Technician  College, so as to introduce several welding professionals. Now the  project is under negotiation.





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