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HSE specification


Sustainable development
1. HSE specification
Our commitment: Safety first. The company regards every employee as brothers and sisters, and hopes to establish a harmonious home of Wanbang technology.

The purpose of our HSE management is to create a safe working environment for employees. It will be a key factor for Party A and the owners to first choose us as a contractor and service provider. The good 6S management is in our daily life and in the heart of every employee. We are the best HSE management team.



Our HSE policy:
1. Our primary goal is to ensure no harm to  personal health and life;
2. Prevention first, and bear in mind the mission;
3. Protect the environment. The realization of green hills and clean water is the foundation of sustainable development;
4. Pursue for the harmony and unity of innovative development and traditional production.


HSE management specification (6 S) :
SEIRI: divide into necessary and unnecessary, keep the necessary and eliminate the unnecessary;
SEITON: scientific layout, fast access;
SEIKETSU: remove rubbish, beautify the environment;

SEIKETSU: clean the environment, collecting, rectify, sweeping through to the end;
SHITSUKE: form good habits, and abide by the rules;
SECURITY: safety operation, people-oriented.



HSE objectives:
The company has a clear normalization for staff management, and the continuous implementation of 6S in the company is also to enhance the overall quality of the team through the normalization training of staffs ; The staffs should form the habit to work with normalization, and a natural instinct reaction, only in this way can we win the real battle. Wushu practitioners need to practice their basic footwork, otherwise their kung fu will degrade; Singers need to practice singing, otherwise their voice will become dull; The company also need to repeatedly practice the basic management.

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