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Platform construction

Platform construction

The Company attaches great importance to the platform carrier construction. The production-study-research cooperation office of the enterprise technology center is responsible for the declaration work of the platform carrier, which actively declares the platform carriers of government organizations at all levels.


The current platform carriers of the company:

1. In September 2015, the company was rated as municipal innovation enterprise of  "One enterprise, one technology" by Dongying Economic and Information Commission;

2. In August 2009, the company set up the enterprise technology center, which was rated as municipal "enterprise technology center" by  Dongying Economic and Information Commission  in December, 2015;

3. In July 2015, the company was rated as municipal "professional, perfect, specialized, and new" enterprise by Dongying Economic and Information Commission;

4. In August 2016, the company was rated as  provincial  "technological innovation" enterprise by  the Small and Medium Enterprises Bureau of Shandong province ;

5. In July 2014, the company was rated as Dongying science and technology enterprises by Dongying Technology Bureau, and in 2016, the company was rated as small and mid-sized  technology enterprise in Shandong province;

6. In December 2016, the company was rated as the national high-tech enterprise.

7. In December, 2017, the company was rated as Dongying talent demonstration enterprises.


Since 2017, the company actively promotes the construction process of scientific research platform, and has declared the Yellow River delta distinguished experts and scholars research topic and innovation industry in Dongying district , so as to promote the  stride forward of the company's  intellectualization  and technicalization.


The company has many scientific research projects, with talents contribution and development opportunities, which is the ideal enterprise platform for talents to devote themselves to the four modernizations. The company continues to improve and enhance the level of research and development, and takes an active part in talent attraction projects. The company plans to declare the municipal industrial design center, provincial enterprise technology center, Taishan scholar and other carrier platforms of higher level.

Platform construction